Yoga Practice

At Yoga For Life, instruction emphasizes the use of Viniyoga and therapeutic yoga techniques. It is important for students to learn how to safely enter and exit poses within their skill level to achieve the maximum benefits from their practice. Each student’s individual needs are considered and practices are designed to offer alternative positioning options for each pose to accommodate individual skill levels.

Students are guided to practice Yoga at their own pace, within their own capabilities. It is through the long term commitment to Yoga that students progress to more difficult poses, held for longer periods of time. The underlying theme for practice at Yoga for Life is “honor your body and do not take it anywhere it does not want to go, until it is ready”.

Class plans at Yoga For Life are designed to focus on particular aspects of movement (asanas) and breath (pranayama). This approach allows students to explore techniques to address a particular concern, core strengthening or balance for example, during that class. Class themes generally change each week so that students are continually exploring different aspects of Yoga to broaden their knowledge and skill level.


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