Yoga Etiquette

To achieve the most benefit from Yoga class and in consideration of classmates, here are some Yoga etiquette tips:

Arrive early: getting to class ten minutes early allows time to adjust, focus, and prepare yourself for practice; arriving late or leaving early disrupts the class for others, and you may miss the very important beginning and end to the practice.

Wait to eat: do not eat for 2-3 hours prior to class; practicing Yoga, like any other physical activity, with a full stomach can cause cramping or nausea, deplete energy, and result in lethargy at a time when you want energy.

Talk to your instructor: be sure to let your instructor know about any injuries or health conditions that might effect your Yoga practice; if you are acutely ill or overly fatigued, it might be wise to postpone Yoga practice.

Unplug: in consideration of your classmates and to allow you to focus on your Yoga practice, turn off cell phones and electronic devices that would disturb you and others.

Quiet time: Yoga class is the time to focus on your mind and body; save socializing and personal conversations for after class.

Your intention: as you begin Yoga practice , mentally state your intention (sankalpa) for your practice; maintaining focus on your intention will enable your mind to follow your breath and body to achieve maximum benefit from your practice.

Hygiene: cleanliness is always appreciated in a class setting; avoid wearing perfumes or scents as these may affect others who are sensitive to fragrance.

Find your edge: always play it safe in practicing Yoga; explore your individual edge with each pose, but don’t push to the point of injury; Yoga is an individual practice, not a competition; your classmates “edges” may be very different than yours.

Honor the teacher: your instructor is trained to help you and your classmates enter and exit poses safely; resist the urge to share your knowledge with your classmates and allow your instructor to instruct.

Mats and props: you may bring your own mats, blocks, straps, towels, blankets, and any other helpful props, or you may use Yoga For Life mats and props: always assist after class in storing the mats and props you use.

Think: after class, allow yourself some time to reflect on the practice to remember the poses and flows, and assess how you felt during practice; this will help you practice on your own outside of class.



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