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At Yoga For Life, all classes are taught in the traditional format of Classic Hatha Yoga. Each class begins with a short period of stillness to develop a deep, flowing, diaphragmatic breathing called ujjayi. This initial focus on the breath serves to calm the mind and body, affording a palpable connection between them. This mind-body connection, via the breath, affords a safe practice as the individual attunes mindfully to the body’s movement through the asana (pose) practice. Deep, deliberate breathing results in mental clarity and focus, and a sense of practicing with grace (sukha) and power (stirrha) simultaneously. As poses are experienced through the vehicle of the breath and mindfulness, then the correct alignment, balance, and edge of the pose may be more easily achieved.

Asanas are strategically sequenced to work the body and spine through their full range of motion and flexibility points. Each week classes are taught from a thematic approach emphasizing a key component of Yoga, including essentials such as: breath, balance, strength, power, renewal, etc. The practice of Classic Hatha leads the individual into a state of inner stillness, which releases our daily acquisition of tension and stress.

All classes conclude with a deeply restorative pose known as Savasana or “final relaxation”. This traditional approach to Yoga will leave you with a sense of relaxed vigor, and a feeling of whole body well-being.

This is a beginner class appropriate for ALL fitness levels. Classes at this level are designed for those new to Yoga or individuals with specific health concerns.

This is an intermediate class and most appropriate for practitioners with prior Yoga experience, a good fitness level, and no limiting health concerns.

This is an advanced class geared toward experienced practitioners with a strong fitness level, knowledge of asanas, and no limiting health conditions.

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This four week block is designed for mat newbies (beginners)! This class focuses on learning the basic techniques for asana (pose) alignment, pranayama (breath techniqsues), bandhas (energy locks), yoga terminology, and etiquette. The four sessions will dissect the proper mechanics and safety factors for core standing poses, foward bends, back bends, twists, and a few foundational inversions. Upon completion of Intro to Yoga, you will be ready to assimiliate into a Level I-II class with ease. Call 951-676-8285 or email to obtain the next four week session start date and to register.
This is a five week class, which meets weekly for one hour,
and includes an exploration of diverse techniques for reaching
the meditative state. Reaching this state results in a transformation of the mind-body-spirit connection. This class is designed for those new to the practice of meditation. Call 951-676-8285 or email to obtain the next five week session start date and to register.

Please call or email to register for Intro to Yoga or Meditation I.

Private instruction available upon request.

Hatha - All Levels is appropriate for those new to yoga and seasoned practitioners alike. Each class will include pranayama. So begins your journey to self-discovery, as yoga leads to a well-balanced, flexible body and a clear mind.  Improved health is achieved through asana, movement, and breath. Students will be encouraged to take as much or as little from each class on any given day.  Instruction will include modifications and/or props appropriate for the individual. Sessions will be topped off with guided relaxation. Throughout our lives, we are faced with stressful situations. Yoga is the antidote to stress.
Restorative Yoga is designed to promote deep relaxation, release stress, and replenish and renew mind and body. It is effective in restoring the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions within. Your supported body relaxes and opens, promoting well-being, and a sense of calm, clarity, and joy.
This class is meant to complement your regular asana flow with a deep, sustained practice of poses. It will begin with repetitive Sun Salutations to warm-up the muscles and connective tissues, and then proceed into the sustaining of 5-6 poses for 3-5 minutes. This will deeply penetrate and stretch not only the muscles, but also the connective tissues: ligaments, tendons, and fascia. This class will be conducted in a WARM environment.
Sukha-Stirha is a new offering on Saturday mornings from 9:30-10:30 a.m. with Deb. It is a blend of Yang (power, strength, balance), and Yin (deep restoration, supported stretching, contemplation). This practice will leave you feeling perfectly balanced, energized and restored. This practice is appropriate for all levels of practitioners.
When you attend Gentle Yoga, the goal is to gradually build your strength, your flexibility, and awareness of your body. As John Muir said, "When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." The same can be said of our bodies---move one part and another is affected.
Deb will be hosting a monthly meditation practice the 3rd Thursday of each month, from 7:30-8:00 p.m. It is FREE, and anyone is welcome to attend. The meditation focus will be thematic, and will emphasize a different mode for establishing the meditative state each month.

No matter what you are facing. You can heal your heart! These quarterly workshops focus on pulling through the pain of loss to move toward empowerment. The practice includes techniques for releasing tension, breath techniques for stress, movement for uplifting the spirit, final relaxation for letting go, and guided meditation for peace and relaxation. This workshop is two hours, and guided by Sophie. The cost is $25. Check the Special Events section of the website for dates, and registration.

Students speak: MJO-"So powerful I want to take it a second time." SK-"This experience released tension and stress that I was totally unaware of at this stage in life." JA-"An extremely powerful and helpful workshop."

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